Why You Should Show Your Face on Your Company Website & Socials

When it comes to building your website, imagery is a must, but why is it best to include photos of yourself, too? After all, this can be quite nerve-wracking for some.

Of course, there’s the obvious photos that you’ll want to consider first. For instance, pictures of your products or shop are no-brainers as this tells customers what you’re all about. However, sooner or later you’ll need to move onto the next step, which is showing a face behind the brand. A lot of businesses tend to avoid this, but it has so many benefits.

Here’s a few reasons why you should show your face:

It increases audience engagement and trust

We’ll get to the website part in a minute, but first we thought it would be eye-opening to share that seeing a picture of you on your company’s Instagram page, whether you’re at an event or even busy at work, will make visitors 38% more inclined to like your posts. After all, what business owner doesn’t want lots of online engagement? Using a photo of yourself will also have benefits when it comes to your website too, as you’ll want to leave a lasting impression for visitors. For instance, this containers and accommodation units supplier has an ‘about’ section of their director with an image of her and her lovely cat! Doing this when many brands don’t helps to increase trust, making people more likely to buy your products.

It adds an actual human face to your brand

In society, we’re often seeing these big brands where faces just aren’t a priority. Although these might be successful, they miss that one or two actual faces behind it that say, ‘hey, we understand exactly what you’re looking for, here’s how we can help you,’ or even ‘we know what you’re going through because we’ve been there, too.’ Hence, you should ensure that you evoke emotions in your audience by showing photos of yourself every now and then. This should be accompanied by a caption or a few short sentences that tell them what you’re about and the services you offer. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the photos you use, even the ones that aren’t of you, are high-quality (read our post on why this matters).

It will help with brand recognition

Brand recognition refers to when people are able to recognise a particular brand through certain features and characteristics. For instance, through colours and logos, but, more importantly, it should also be through imagery. Just think about the famous brand and face associations that we’ve been consistently exposed to, from popular singers and actors to common food brands like KFC and Aunt Bessie’s. This means that if you’re frequently showing your face across your website and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it will create a strong way for people to memorise your brand and, even better, your face might spring to mind when they think about a particular product that you sell.

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